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The figure on the left is an example of the search results screen, but the click rate of Internet users is almost as shown in the chart and you can check the situation that clicks are hard to be made as you go to the bottom of the screen. In the case of a real shop, store name even without entering the shop, there is a possibility to be implanted in the potential customer’s mind, but this is not the case on the Internet, because it becomes a type information, the name is in the extent to touch the user’s eye and it will not stop in memory.

Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

SEO Services

Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

Google Adwords

Branding Strategy And Conversion Strategy:

The upper display in the search engine provides various benefits, users notice the wide range of services -increases the awareness and name recognition branding strategy and lead to action, such as the actual document request and product purchase conversion strategy, but the former two becomes the main axis. In order to announce a wide range of Digital Marketing company Bangalore, service contents to search users for a long term, it is necessary to make a search for keywords (for example, a word commonly saying "diet" "glasses" etc.) which seems is generally searched. Although it is actually important that these keywords are searched at a very high frequency, it is difficult to clearly grasp the needs of search users.There is also the possibility That The Needs Of The Website And The Contents Of The Website Are Incompatible.

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Our Digital Marketing Services:

  • Complete Website Review
  • Corporate Videos - Video Marketing.
  • SEO Optimization,
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Off Page SEO Optimization
  • Email Marketing - Auto Email Campaigns
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  • SMM - Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Pay Per Click Marketing.
  • Paid Social Media Promotions
  • Remarketing - Remarketing Campaign Creation
  • Landing Page Optimization

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Facebook and other SNS- Social media has become a platform for people to talk and send and receive information. This is the opportunity to disseminate influential marketing information using all user attributes and behavioral characteristics. From the development of social media marketing plan to the determination of the results, we can provide multi-advertising approach to suggest the best way for you.

Banner Ads- Research shows that consumers are more likely to touch banners than television or outdoor advertising. If your goal is to improve the brand recognition of your business or service, the use of banner ads combined with text and graphics canallowyou to target your target audience in a variety of ways. Repeated exposure to the message, can increasingly build customers a good impression of your brand.

What Is The Advantage Of Banner Ads?

  • Can improve brand recognition.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • Can use text, images, animation, etc. presented.

Ad network- Similar to banner ads, the ad network can be advertised on various sites for a collection of aggregates of various inventory, with a framework that is consistent with the needs of advertisers. Banner advertising is the direct purchase of advertising space set up to ensure the customer's advertising impression in the media to establish the audience. If you use an ad network, you can reach a wider range of media viewers while controlling your budget.

Youtube- YouTube, which receives5 billion searches per month, is the world's second largest search platform. Based on customer needs, we recommend that you insert an ad before the video plays, or embed the ad in the video search results.

In one conversion strategy, for example, if it is a keyword "diet supplement", it is clear that the search user is searching for supplements, and even if it is "eyeglass mail order", what kind of user is requesting clear. However, unlike a single keyword such as the above "diet", it becomes a search keyword in a narrowed down form, so the number of denominators of search users is overwhelmingly reduced and it is difficult to expect a dramatic increase in page views Therefore, it can be regarded as a strategy that takes quality substantially from the amount of customers.

Public Relations - Digital Marketing Support Services Bangalore tend to be more likely to believe in other people than the marketers say. Especially in Indian culture. The so-called marketing can be set through the appropriate channels, to attain your target population communication. At this point, publicity and public relations is one of the important means. Because we have business contacts with the local major media and portals, sowe can help you publish news and event ads on the media you want to publish. We also offer an effective program that combines online word of mouth, various online message boards, blogs, SNS and video site.

SEO Services:

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SEO from Digital Marketing Company Bangalore is to attract the maximum number of customers to your site. We know how to promote the site in the TOP more quickly, where to find users interested in products and services, and turn them into customers.

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  • Blog Marketing for SEO
  • Advanced On-Page SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Onpage - SEO
  • Offpage - SEO
  • Small Business SEO

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Promotion Of Sites In The Format "All Inclusive"

As part of the search engine promotion, you get everything you need to achieve the goal without any additional payments and wasting time: copywriting, web support, audit and improvement of the marketing qualities of the site.

Maximum Audience Reach

We bring the maximum of targeted traffic to the site, including from mobile delivery and all available sources of organic traffic. We provide a fast visible result and constantly improve it by continuously expanding the list of requests.

Service And Comfort

We make the promotion of the site on the Internet understandable: we provide detailed reports, a personal manager, legal guarantees. You are confident in the result and always know in what terms and at the expense of what it will be achieved.

SEO-promotion from Digital Marketing Company Bangalore is to attract users who are looking for information about your company, products and services:

  • In Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing And Others), Including Mobile Issuance, In IndiaAnd Abroad
  • Classifies (Avito, Aliexpress, Amazon)
  • Geolocation Services, Directories, Mass Services (Youtube, Google Maps, Etc.)
  • App Stores (App Store, Google Play)
We know how to promote the site faster: you will get the maximum coverage of an Internet audience with an already formed need.

Google Adwords Management Services:

We Create + We Run = Get Your Business Lead Bangalore ( or Locations based Leads/Business Based )

Looking For Top GOOGLE AdWords Management? We Make AdWords Campaigns More Effective and Cheaper.

Our professional team of Google AdWords

Our technical team consists of site optimization technology expert, who lead the industry trend, and actively carry out a variety of research and testing. So leveraging their skill set we have been able to provide customers with the most advanced technology and first class service. With our extensive data resources and self-developed software, we can ensure that your plan is effective.

Reporting you the progress of your project, isour proudest moments.

Digital Marketing Company Bangalore will be responsible for monitoring the progress of your Google AdWords program to ensure that your costs are for expenses related to your potential customers.

Through effective keyword marketing we attract new customers. You can adjust our service from time to time to make sure your ad clicks and costs are effective in achieving your expected goals. This service mode allows you to accurately calculate the plan benefits

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Google Ads Types:Connect with & grow your audience. Boost engagements & business. Call us now!

  • Search Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • App Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Re-marketing Ads
Dedicated Project Manager To Help You Maximize The Effectiveness Of ROI

We will arrange for a dedicated project manager, on a regular basis to provide you with a detailed report, including fees for effective click advertising. We will analyze your data, and then put forward useful ideas to help you through online publicity to attract more customers


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  • At a limited cost, engage more people to expand your business
  • Selection of keywords that belong to your industry, improve the company's online presence effectively.
  • Average click through price management, to achieve best results cost-effectively.


Google Display Network allows you to quickly exploitvarious channels to promoteyour business

ThroughGoogle Display Network you can accessmillions of websites, videos, and apps, to introduce your business to the Internet and app users and video viewers. Your ads will be inserted into industry, products and services related to your page

Advertising expenditure well spent

Aimlessly planting a lot like advertising leaflets on the plane on the network, will provide the result thatwill be desperate and indiscriminate. Understanding the marketing needs, setting targets, and properly implementing the outreach program is the only way to success

Identify your target audience- we will look to their website browsing habits and the level of interest in your product

Let's say you are an Online sales company, your target audience would be some of the health and fitness blog

Now to experience the benefits of Google Display Network. We take the initiative to meet the business challenges and opportunitiesthrough persistently absorbing the latest information from the major newspapers and publications, continuous upgrading of technology and nurture talent, networking and actively getting involved in research and development

Please contact us to learn more about the Google Display Network works and benefits. We will be happy to provide advice and support for you, to make the network more promotion budget.

If you are interested to learn more about how to be able to click on paid advertisements plan to enhance the cost-effectiveness, please call +91 9902301313 contact us

Every time a customer for our services have any questions, inquiries or comments, we are happy to listen carefully and provide assistance. Customers can call or contact via email to get in touch with our dedicated project managers.

Because we often work together and communicate with companies from the financial, export, manufacturing and tourism industries, weunderstand the unique needs of different sectors of the business environment

Experience our one-up man ship of AdWords management services: From more channels to attract the attention of potential customers

Google Shopping

Enhance conversion rate at the same time save money

Allow consumers directly to get your product information

Attract the attention of consumers through product images, prices and shop names

Google Shopping is an effective promotional tool to show your product in front of potential customers, in a view to increase your website trafficand make your product quickly step to your customers

To promote your products via Google Shopping, you need the following information:

  • Your product images
  • Description & details
  • Prices
  • Your website link
Take advantage of our expertise

Since Google Shopping relaunched in 2012, we have been providing customers with the service.

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Google-Remarketing: Consult With Our Certified AdwordsSpecialist To Reach Right Audience &ROI.

Enhance the conversion rate at the same time save money

Google Remarketing (remarketing) encourages visitors to visit your site again. Through highly targeted ads you can attract potential customers to products or services of interest and also this encourages them to return to your website to complete the transaction

For example: Suppose your website visitors to add products to the shopping basket, but left midway that the transaction could not be completed. In this case, whenthe visitors browse the Google Display Network sites, these sites will show your ad to him and draw him to return to your site to complete the transaction

Prepare reports with our system to avoid human error and subjective judgment. This means that they are in quality control and provide immediate Indian based First Page services. Experience high quality services. We understand that your need is the actual data, so we provide you with useful data.

Why You Want to Hire us for Google Ads Support Team?

  • PPC Management
  • AdWords Management
  • Keywords Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Certified Expert
Optimize your Ads. Improve ROI. Generate More Leads & Grow.

Social media marketing is about marketing using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. According to the "Google Online Update” released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, with 50% of society users using social media, with the largest share of 26.9% in their twenties in the business, 20.3% I know that they are using media. The need for social media marketing will be expected to increase more and more in the future

Digital Marketing Company Bangalore Integrated withsocial networking site promotion services, understand the existing local market to meet the requirements of smallest and medium businesses and to expand the product to overseas markets, so it is no longer difficult for us to achieve a goal. Specifically, for businesses around the world collecting the most popular social networking sites, including facebook, twitter, google +, myspace, tumblr, linkedin& friends networkis important. Through various social networking sites,we promote the serviceof the client company into the international brand image

Prepare reports with our system to avoid human error and subjective judgment. This means that they are in quality control and provide immediate Indian based First Page services. Experience high quality services. We understand that your need is the actual data, so we provide you with useful data.

Leading Social Media Agency In Bangalore: Promote Your Business

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It is the SNS that boasts the number of users in the world, and the number of active users as of March 2016 exceeds 1.1 billion. The number of Indian’s active users will be around 50 million people. In corporate marketing, you can use Facebook page, access analysis function, Facebook advertisement and so on


Approximately 30 million people are using it in India, and the number of users in Japan is second in the world. Due to its high real-time nature, it is suitable for reports with a presence. If you are interested in Twitter, you can follow-up without other's permission, so there is a possibility that it can lead to high salesetc, and you can also use it for marketing activities such as information acquisition, spreading and user reactions


It is the second largest SNS in the world next to Facebook, and the utilization is not very high, but core users also exist. Because it is linked with Google search, it can be used for SEO measures such as superior display in search results

Linkedin Business Profile

Drive B2B Leads on LinkedIn, the #1 Lead Generation Platform Rated by Marketers.

In August 2016, the number of users is rapidly expanding, such as the number of users in the world isexceeding to500 million people. The number of users in Indianis 30 million, which is equivalent to 18% of the total. The company official account is very expensive, because you can push notification individually– stores can expect great potential customers

Why Digital Marketing Company Bangalore for Your Social Media Marketing:

  • Boost your Social ROI
  • Improve Brand Recognition
  • Generate More Leads & Grow
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Higher ROI from Your Campaigns

#No. 1 Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore: Digital Marketing Three Advantages:

(1): Easy to control cost online promotion

When traditional media marketing activities, such as: TV commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, or junk mail letters are compared to online promotion cost, in the latter the control flexible, and even can be said to cost less than traditional promotion channels, SMEs in general, and even one-man company, willhave the ability to pay this popular promotional tools

(2): The introduction of the customer directly to the company's Web site

In the promotion of online advertising, placing the company website link can enable recipients to instantly click, thus stimulating the customers to visit your website and increase online shopping opportunities. In this promotion, you can also control the click-through rate.

(3): customer response tracking and analysis report

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